We believe in a world where everyone will have access to the tools for owning their time.

About us

MetaInfinity Digital AB is a swedish software company building state-of-the-art digital products for accelerating financial inclusion.

We are a collection of nerds with a background in computer science, doing what we love – creating digital worlds.

Fall of the Valkyries - A World Betrayed

Fall of the Valkyries – A World Betrayed, is an upcoming open-world cross-platform fantasy MMO game where you create and develop your own hero to interact and cooperate with other players to reclaim a world that has been lost to a terrible curse.

Together you will help rediscover and rebuild the world, all the while trying to uncover its mysteries and legends.

If the Legends are true, the world is not what it seems and the Divine Power is still out there to be harnessed.

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